AquaVitro Premier

Seachem Prime is the go to product for aquarium water conditioners. This is simple because it is the best there is. But if you're an aquascaper, we have another water conditioner that is especially made for you, AquaVitro Premier.

AquaVitro Premier is specifically designed for aquascaping use. Therefore it has a special characteristic that is beneficial for aquascaping. Premier does not contain sodium which is harmful for aquatic plants. Its active ingredient is potassium which is also one of the essential micronutrients for plants. It will also convert any harmful chlorine into a beneficial nitrogen source for your plants as a nutrient.

Premier still retains important features of a water conditioner which is to condition tap water so that it is safe for aquarium use. At the same time Premier also will not affect water pH. Premier is able to retain a high concentration dose of 5ml / 190L. Compared to our Seachem Prime which is known to be highly concentrated, Premier is only 10L less. 

How to use:

Dose 5ml for every 190L of total aquarium water right before introducing new water during water changes. Add new water into the same area as Premier was dosed. If water is premixed outside of the aquarium such as a bucket, dose according to the volume of new water only. However, if high chloramine concentration is suspected in the tap, use double dosage instead.

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