Aquavitro Aquasolum


Aquasolum is an aquasoil type substrate for aquascaping and shrimp keeping. Although there's many aquasoil types in the market that look the same, they are made with completely different materials. 

The unique feature that makes Aquasolum stands out then the rest is that it is made with humate. Humate has been widely used in agriculture because of its unique properties that increase plant growth in many ways. 

So what exactly is humate? Humate is organic compounds that have been through a long natural decomposition process where it finally ends up as a dark material known as humate. Humate is rich in nutrients that are essential for plants. It is also known to be highly effective in nutrient retention, stimulating root growth, improving plant growth and boosting germination. Humate has a unique property where it allows plants to absorb nutrients quicker, reducing energy consumption and improving growth for plants. It will also retain a high amount of carbon which is an important element for photosynthesis. 

Other than improving plant growth, humate also have a positive effect on water conditions. Humate naturally reduces pH to a slightly acidic level which is ideal for aquatic plants, shrimps and many freshwater fishes. In hard water conditions, humate will also lower and maintain KH and GH to an ideal condition for aquatic plants and shrimps. 

Aquasolum will not cloud the water as long as water is being introduced slowly. You’ll find crystal clear water and Aquasolum also doesn’t not release any ammonia into the water if use correctly.


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