Seachem Stability

What does it do?

Your aquarium will constantly creates bio waste. From fish feces to left over foods or dead leaves they all generate bio waste which create ammonia which is deadly to fish and cause the water to become cloudy. In an aquarium we will use nitrogen cycle to filter this bio waste which basically converting ammonia to nitrite to nitrate. This is done by housing nitrifying bacteria in bio media such as our Seachem Matrix. So how do you get that bacteria in your filter? This is where the Seachem Stability comes in. Seachem Stability contain all the necessary blend of bacteria that is needed to break down not only ammonia and nitrite but nitrate as well. 

Why use Seachem Stability?

Many other brands would brag on how many bacteria is contain in their bottle or how well they are package and some even brag about how smelly their bacteria is (which is weird thing to brag about) but they all doesn't generate results. This is because majority of bacteria that is introduced in to the aquarium didn't survive. It doesn't matter how well it is being pack in a container or how many bacteria is contain in it but if they all didn't grow in your aquarium they doesn't serve their purpose. Bacteria that aren't stable can only survive in a very narrow range of conditions. The Seachem Stability that is being develop by state of the art bio management is design to survive in a very broad range of environment. For example when other bacteria simply die of during sudden load of bio waste the Seachem Stability bacteria would simply thrive and become more effective. Seachem Stability bacteria are in a dormant spore state which allow them to be store easily in a plastic bottle for a long period of time and once introduce into an aquarium it will bloom into action within 24 hours.  

How to use

If you're just about to cycle a new aquarium dose Seachem Stability daily according to the instruction for 7 days. In this 7 days you should make sure that there's a measurable amount of ammonia in your tank. This can me done by adding some fish food daily into your tank. You can stop adding fish food once your tester should that there's ammonia in your aquarium. After the tank is done cycling, you only needs to does stability once a month or after filter cleaning to maintain a healthy population of bacteria. Unlike many other brands Seachem Stability bacteria is highly stable and doesn't need to be dose weekly.

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