Ornamental Fresh Water Shrimp Made Easy With Aquavitro Shrimp

To many new hobbyist, keeping fresh water shrimps are some what challenging. It is true that ornamental fresh water shrimps are some what sensitive to it's environment. But the biggest problem is many brands in the market have unnecessary complicated line of products for keeping shrimps. This create confusion among beginner and make something that is already not easy even harder. 

Aquavitro Shrimp is a streamline ornamental fresh water keeping chemical that is design to be easy to use but highly effective. 

Some ornamental fresh water shrimps are very sensitive towards heavy metal. We highly recommend using reverse osmosis water for those. But for the type that are some what more tolerable, using Aquavitro Shrimp Start will bind with heavy metal in tab water during water changes while in the same time remove any chlorine. The dosage depend on the amount of heavy metal that is available in the tab. We also recommend using Seachem Cuprizorb in the filter as well. 

Minerals are also very important for shrimp survival. GH should be maintain according to the type of shrimp that you keep. But it is not only GH alone, which is why Aquavitro Shrimp GH also contain all of the necessary minerals that is need by fresh water shrimps. Different type of shrimps have different needs for GH. Raise the GH accordingly before adding shrimps into your tank. You can do this during aquarium cycling or after. During water changes Aquavitro Shrimp should be dose according to the new water that is being added. Test water GH once in awhile and do adjustment accordingly. 

Like many aquatic life, water pH play an important role. More so in the case of the sensitive ornamental fresh water shrimp. Therefore it is important to be able to adjust and maintain the pH to be stable in a proper value. This is where Aquavitro Shrimp pHa and pHb would help make things easier for you. By combining both pHa and pHb in a certain ratio, it will adjust as well as maintain pH to which you desire. Aquavitro Shrimp pHa and pHb comes with a chart on it label to help you easily find the ratio needed according to the type of shrimp you're keeping. Full dose of the ratio can be added after each water change. When adjusting pH with shrimp in the aquarium it is advisable to break in the dosage into 2 or 3 days to prevent sudden pH shock to the shrimp.

Finally, Aquavitro Shrimp EXO is design to help promote molting in shrimp. Molting will allow the shrimp to grow and mate. Dose EXO once a week if you're keeping shrimp with soil as substrate or twice a week if you're keeping them with pebble as substrate. Once desire molting reached, dosing of EXO can be stop. Dose again whenever you want to promote molting. Be cautious that molting put a lot of stress in the shrimp. Make sure to only promote molting when you're shrimps are healthy with good water parameter. Do not use EXO when you have new shrimp in the tank. 

Use Seachem De*nitrate as bio media to help reduce nitrate accumulation. 

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