Seachem StressGuard

Features of StressGuard

  • Reduce fish's stress
  • As an antiseptic to prevent infection
  • Promotes healing

Why do you needs StressGuard?

There's a lot of situation where fish will be subject to stress such as buying new fish, changing aquarium or when you do a major aquarium cleaning. When in stress, the fish immunity will drop. Further more those activities will also reduces the fish nature protection slim and some time causes injury. This will all leads to infection. Therefore it is best to use StressGuard to prevent infection in those situation. StressGuard will not only prevent infection but also promotes healing on injuries. StressGuard is also suitable to use in quarantine tank. You can also use it along with other medicine during treatments to help the healing process as StressGuard can be use along with other medication except for copper based one.

How is StressGuard special compare to other brands?

StressGuard contain a special type of protein where it will actively seek of open wound and attach it self to the expose tissue proteins delivering it's antiseptic function and help in the recovery of the wound. The protein will continue to bind on the wound covering it and act as an liquid bandage. Many other products have low pH level while our Seachem StressGuard is neutral in pH making it suitable to be use in a small volume of water.

You can dose StressGuard every 24 hours to get the result you're looking for. It can also be use long with chemical filtration such as activated carbon. 

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