Seachem Purigen


What are the function of Purigen?

  • Remove organic impurity from water
  • Reduce ammonia, nitrite and nitrate
  • Crystal clear water

There's no equal comparison of Purigen function in the market. Purigen have the absorption power of more than 500% of other conventional chemical filters. Unlike most chemical filtration, the impact of Purigen towards trace elements is very minimal. 

Regeneration ability of Purigen

Purigen that have been exhausted can be regenerated by using conventional clothing bleaching solution for 10x. With this and the powerful absorption ability, it is actually cheaper to use Purigen to remove impurity from the water in the long run.

How to regenerate Purigen?

It is fairly easy to regenerate Purigen. You just need to soak it in 50% bleach and water solution until it returns to its original color. This would take around several minutes for a day. Once Purigen returns to its original coloration, rinse with tap water and soak in Seachem Prime 30ml or Safe 16g for 1-8 hours to neutralize any bleach solution. 

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