Algae in aquariums can be a real headache for many fish keepers. It makes your aquarium look dirty and unsightly. Excessive algae growth is normally caused by too many lights and high amounts of phosphate and silicate which normally gets introduced to an aquarium from fish food and tap water. By providing just enough light and removing phosphate and silicate from water you can easily significantly reduce the growth of algae. 

Difference between PhosGuard, PhosNet and PhosBond

Seachem PhosBond combines the properties of our Seachem PhosGuard which have rapid absorption rates and Seachem PhosNet which have high absorption capacity. PhosBond is capable of lowering phosphate as low as 0.02mg/l which is basically non detectable by most conventional phosphate testers. 

To utilize PhosBond, simply place the proper amount which is 60ml for each 200L salt water or 400L fresh water in Seachem Zip Bag SM or The Bag. Gently rinse before placing into the filter, preferably at the last compartment. Maximize water flow but not too much that will cause PhosBond to tumbles against itself. Monitor your phosphate and replace PhosBond when phosphate reading starts to climb back up. 

How much PhosBond do I need?

Each gram of PhosBond will absorb 1.19mg of phosphate which means a 250ml (170g) bottle is capable of absorbing 202mg of phosphate. To calculate how much PhosBond you’ll need to absorb all the phosphate in your tank simply multiply the volume of your tank in liters with the phosphate concentration to get the total amount of phosphate that is available in your tank. After you know the total concentration that you have in your tank just divide it with 202 to find how many 250ml PhosBond bottles that you need to use. For example:

A 40L tank with phosphate concentration of 5mg/L would have a total phosphate of 200mg(40 x 5). A bottle of 250ml PhosBond is capable of absorbing 202mg phosphate and this mean you’ll need a bottle of Phosbond to remove all of the phosphate in your 40L tank with 5mg/L of phosphate. Do keep in mind that this is an estimated amount as phosphate may continue to rise during and after treatment therefore it is necessary to replace PhosBond when phosphate starts to rise again. 

Can I use PhosBond with....

Do not use PhosBond or any other phosphate absorbing media with medication or Seachem phosphate base pH controller such as Neutral Regulator, Betta Basics, Discus Buffer or Arowana Buffer. When PhosBond or any other phosphate absorbing media is used, use non phosphate based pH adjuster Seachem Acid Buffer and Seachem Alkaline Buffer to control pH.

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