Seachem Flourish Nitrogen


Nitrogen is one of the main macronutrients in aquascaping. It plays an important role in maintaining the plant's health. Not only that nitrogen is a major component of chlorophyll (a compound that is used to absorb light during photosynthesis), but it is also a major component of amino acid which is the building block of protein. 

What does Seachem Flourish Nitrogen do?

While nitrogen naturally found in ammonia and nitrate generated by bio waste from fishes but in a well planted aquascape the naturally occurring nitrate will easily be depleted. Therefore it is important to add a nitrogen source to meet the demand of the plants.

Unlike many brands out there that only supply nitrogen in the form of nitrate, Seachem Flourish Nitrogen is a blend of both ammonium and nitrate. 

Why mix ammonium and nitrate?

We use a mixture of ammonium and nitrate nitrogen because most plants can prefer to use ammonium as their sauce of nitrogen while certain types benefit from nitrate as nitrogen source. 

Is ammonia safe?

Ammonium in Seachem Flourish Nitrogen and ammonia isn’t exactly the same thing. There is no toxic free ammonia found in Flourish Nitrogen and if used properly it will not harm any aquatic life. 

How to use it?

Each 2.5ml of Seachem Flourish Nitrogen will raise 1mg/l of nitrogen in a 160L tank. However due to the fact that not all nitrogen in Seachem Flourish Nitrogen is nitrate base, it will not show an increase of 1mg/l nitrate when tested. Dose Seachem Flourish Nitrogen as often as needed to maintain a testable nitrate level of 2mg/l. 


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