Seachem Flourite


Flourites are specially design to be use as an aquascaping substrate but it is also highly suitable to be use in normal freshwater aquarium.

Flourite is total different from aquascaping soil that is normally found in Malaysia market. This is because it is made out of natural clay and it doesn't contain any artificial added nutrients. Instead, clay that is used for Flourite have natural minerals that is beneficial for plant's growth. Because of this Flourite will not leach out abundant organic or mineral nutrients into the water when first being use. When starting up a new aquascaping tank, plants that is newly introduce into the water are very vulnerable because it has not acclimatize to the new enviroment. The excess nutrients that is leach out by aquasoil will cause stunted growth and also abundant algae to grow in the new tank. The innert nature of Seachem Flourite makes this process much more easier. Flourite also will not alter the pH of the water. Thus Flourite is way more safer on aquatic life compare to aquasoil.

Flourite also have very strong absorbing and storing power. It will absorb any excess nutrients in the water thus improve water clarity. The stored nutrients can later on be use by plants when is needed in the future. It will not runs out of nutrients or break apart in time which mean Flourite will last for the lifespan of your aquarium.

There several colors available for Flourite to be choose from. The original Flourite which appear yellowish orange, Flourite Red that is darker orange, Flourite Dark which is dark brown and Flourite Black that is jet black. There is also Sand variant available where the grain size is much small. Flourite is also much more heavier then aquasoil allowing fine rooted plants to be easily planted with. Althought only Flourite and Flourite Black have Sand variant. 

How to use:

Each 3.5kg Flourite will cover 3500cm³.

For example, if your aquarium is 60cm lenght by 30cm width and the desire thickness is 5cm, this makes the total volume of substrate is 9000cm³ (60 x 30 x 5 = 9000)

Thus the require Flourite is 9kg (9000cm³ / 3500cm³) x 3.5kg = 8.9kg

For use in aquarium with CO2 infection, we recommend a minimum thickness of 5cm where else for normal aquarium 1cm will be enough. 

Flourite is a natural product, because of that dust will form during transit. It is very important that Flourite is rinse throughout before use. 

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