Seachem Flourish Advance

Seachem Flourish Advance

The purpose of Flourish Advance is to add phytohormone (plant’s hormone) to aquascape aquariums. Phytohormone signals and controls plant functions such as growth, development, pathogen defense, stress tolerance and so on. 

Advantage of using phytohormone in aquascaping

Most of the plants we use in aquascaping are terrestrial plants. This means that they are living in an environment that is foreign to them and difficult for them to survive in. Seachem Flourish Advance could help them adapt to the new environment more easily. This is especially helpful during the phase where they are adapting to dry to submerge plants. 

The phytohormone in Flourish Advance will also encourage the plants to repair itself and grow quicker. Plants will grow at optimum rate even after trimming and thus algae have less chance to overtake the aquarium. 

During the first to second week of using Seachem Flourish Advance, the plants will be encouraged to grow more healthy roots. After this stage, rapid growth of healthy leaves can be observed. 

How to use

Use one cap or 5ml for each 80L. The dose can be used as frequently as needed to the maximum of once a day. Densely planted tanks will require more frequent doses. This dosing is safe for all aquarium inhabitants.

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