Seachem Tidal Power Filter


Our Tidals are designed to be easy to use while providing a comprehensive hang on back (HOB) filter system. This means that it has to be simple yet pack a host of features. Tidals are also durable, super easy to maintain while delivering the highest water quality possible. 


Exceptional Quality

While almost all HOB filters are made out of clear plastic that is easily cracked, Tidals are made out of durable flexible polymers that can take some beating without cracking. The pump that powers the filter is made by Sicce, a well known aquarium pump maker from Italy. On top of that there’s a 5 years warranty.


Filter Power

Instead of a proprietary cartridge system in most HOB filters that is not efficient and limiting, Tidal uses filter baskets just like those found in canister filters. This not only allows maximum filtration possibility but also allows the user to easily customer the filter material to their liking. Each Tidals come with our highly powerful biological filter media, Seachem Matrix. Tidal is also design to handle high water flow thus increases turn over of filtered water thus giving a better water quality. 



The flow of the Tidal is highly adjustable. Much more adjustable than all of the HOB filters in the market. Tidal flow can be reduced down to 20% of its original flow rate. This means that users can move Tidal between aquariums if needed. It also allows the use of large Tidal in a smaller aquarium to enjoy the extra space in the filter compartment. 


More Features

  • Surface skimmer

Built in surface skimmer that is integrated into the design of the filter for a slicker look and more effective surface skimming. 

  • Maintenance indicator

Indicator built into the cover of the filter will alert user when the media needs to be clean

  • Filter basket holder

Flip over the cover and it turns into a filter basket holder so that during filter media cleaning there's no water spilling. 

  • Heater holder

Heater holder can be attach near to the filter intake to improve heater circulation 


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