Seachem MultiTest Ammonia

This is our MultiTest range ammonia tester. Just like all of our multitest products it is designed to be as simple to use as possible and as easy to read the result as possible while at the same time providing accuracy. Our MultiTest Ammonia tester is also unique compared to other ammonia testers in the market as it can measure free ammonia only. 

Free Ammonia

Free ammonia (NH3) is the toxic form of ammonia. Unlike ionized ammonia (NH4+) that is non-toxic, free ammonia is highly lethal. Unlike other testers in the market which measure the combination of NH3 and NH4+, Seachem MultiTest Ammonia tester is able to measure only free ammonia. 

Why is measuring free ammonia more important?

There are two reasons why you would want to measure free ammonia instead of total ammonia. 

  1. Number one, it gives you an accurate reading of the actual toxicity of your aquarium allowing you to have better judgement of what needs to be done for your aquarium.
  2. Number two, total ammonia tester will raise the sample water pH to 12 or above. This will break down ammonia removal products such as Seachem AmGuard and cause it to re release locked ammonia into the sample water thus giving you false high ammonia result. 

Accuracy and ease of use

Seachem MultiTest Ammonia testers provide up to 75 accurate and easy to read test results. It is able to measure free ammonia down to less than 0.05mg/l. Unlike all testers that sometimes can be very confusing to read, Seachem Multitest comes with a special design isolating window to help you accurately read the color. 

Our Multitest Ammonia tester also comes with a reference sample water of 1 mg/L ammonia to help you validate the accuracy of your tester. 

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