Seachem Ammonia & pH Alerts

Seachem Alert


Ammonia and pH Alert

Our Ammonia and pH alert is designed to give you constant reading of your aquarium's most important parameter. It is very easy to use and provides accurate reading. There is no need for any chemical procedure nor calibration. You only need to stick the Alert inside your aquarium with the provided suction cup. That being said, a minor care of removing algae from the sensor is needed. Just use a soft material to clean the sensor, avoid touching the sensor with your fingers. 


Ammonia Alert

Unlike other ammonia testers, Ammonia Alert will only show free ammonia (NH3) and not total ammonia which include ionized ammonia (NH4+). Unlike ionized ammonia that is non toxic unless in a very high concentration, free ammonia is highly toxic even in a small concentration. Therefore it is very important to detect free ammonia in your aquarium. Which is why Seachem Ammonia Alert and our Ammonia Multitest are designed to be able to measure free ammonia only. 

Ammonia Alert can detect less than 0.05mg/l of free ammonia and would last for around a year depending on the water pH. Ammonia Alert will have a shorter lifespan if used in acidic water. The lower the pH, the shorter the lifespan would be. We don’t recommend using Ammonia Alert in highly acidic water. Replace the sensor whenever you find the color is too faded to read. 


pH Alert

The indicator will read pH between 5.4-8.0. It can only be used in freshwater only. When first introduced into the tank, the alert will take about 30 minutes to respond but thereafter it will only take around 10 minutes. 

Different species of fishes require different pH. Be sure to adjust your aquarium pH according to your fish needs by using Seachem Acid and Alkaline Buffer or Neutral regulator / Discus Buffer / Arowana Buffer.

pH Alert will last from 3-6 months depending on water pH. Acidic water will have a shorter lifespan. When the indicator color starts to fade and becomes difficult to read, it’s time to replace a new one. 

You can get Seachem Alert in pH only or Ammonia only or pH and Ammonia combo or pH and Ammonia with replacement pH sensor so that the combo would last for a year. 

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