Seachem Pristine

Seachem Pristine

What’s the difference between Seachem Stability and Pristine? This is the most frequent question that we were asked. While Stability and Pristine both are to introduce bacteria but their bacteria type and purpose are greatly different.

The function of Stability is to introduce, build up and maintain nitrification and denitrification bacteria for the nitrogen cycle process. In other words, it’s to form bacteria in your bio filter media to filter ammonia toxic. Ammonia is not the bio waste itself but rather is a substance that is generated by bio waste that dissolves into the water. And the bacteria in Stability removes this ammonia by converting it into the less toxic nitrate. For more information about Seachem Stability you can visit the previous article.

So let’s get back to Seachem Pristine. Instead of converting ammonia to nitrate in your filter bio media, the bacteria in Pristine function is to remove detritus or solid waste material such as leftover food or dissolve feces. This will help clear or reduce the unsightly dirt that accumulates in your aquarium. Although Pristine doesn’t not convert toxic ammonia to nitrate, it helps in reduction of ammonia produced and thus reduces the accumulation of nitrate. By removing the sludge and detritus, Pristine will also help in reducing the growth of disease causing organisms and in the same time improve water clarity. 

In short, Seachem Stability is to remove toxic ammonia from water while Pristine is to make the water and the aquarium cleaner. Both can be used along with each other to achieve optimum water clarity and health. 

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